For Sale: IfYouDidntGetIt.com

Description: This website was made out as a way to say on the internet, in a subtle way, that what you were just being ironic or sarcastic. Like, “That sounds like a good idea for a website“! If the person reading your quote does not really get it, he or she will realize (step by step) it when they arrive to the website.

Basically, it is just a link bait.

Income: None.

Costs: Domain cost and web host.

Also included: Facebook page with 200 likes

Domains included: ifyoudidntgetit.com / ifyoudidnotgetit.com

Traffic: 460 sessions / 810 page views over the last year.

Created: 2009

Platform: Php

Price: 900 SEK (apprx 100 USD) or bid. Read more (in Swedish): Såhär går försäljningen till & Försäljningsprinciper och värdering

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Webbentreprenör sedan 2004. Affiliatemarknadsförare, webbutvecklare och stormjagare.

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